Microgreen Grow Light: 6 Exceptional Options to Illuminate Your Greens

Growing microgreens can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Not only are they packed with nutrition, but they also add flavor to salads, sandwiches, and other meals. However, in order to successfully grow your own microgreens at home you need the right equipment – specifically a quality microgreen grow light.

Microgreen grow lights come in many shapes and sizes so it’s important to find one that meets your particular requirements. In this article, we will discuss the different types of microgreen grow lights available on the market as well as their features and benefits. We will also provide some tips for choosing the best option for your needs including wall shelves which make it easy to hang up multiple units at once for maximum efficiency.

Features To Look for In A Microgreen Grow Light

Having the right microgreen grow light is key to growing healthy microgreens at home. The right unit should have high energy efficiency, full spectrum lighting, adjustable height and timers. With these features in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect microgreen grow light for your needs.

High energy efficiency

A microgreen grows light and has something called “high energy efficiency”. This means it uses less electricity and saves you money.

Full spectrum

A good microgreen grow light should provide full spectrum lighting. This means it will emit a wide range of wavelengths that are suitable for growing plants indoors.

Adjustable height

The best microgreen growth lights allow you to adjust the height so you can position the light at the perfect distance from your plants for optimal growth.


Timers are a useful feature for microgreen grow lights as they allow you to set the light duration and intensity for optimal growing conditions.

Microgreen Grow Light Wall Shelf

If you want to maximize your efficiency or make it easier to hang multiple microgreens grow lights, then investing in a wall shelf is a great idea. Wall shelves allow you to mount multiple lights in one place and adjust the height or angle for optimal lighting. They are also easy to install and can be moved around when needed.

Adjustable lighting levels and intensity

The best microgreen grows lights allow you to adjust the lighting levels and intensity for maximum efficiency. This way, you can customize the settings to suit your particular needs.

Built-in safety features

Look for a microgreen grow light with built-in safety features such as overheat protection or surge protection. These help ensure that your lights will stay safe and last longer.


You want to make sure the microgreen grow light you choose is durable enough to withstand everyday use. Look for units made with quality materials that are built to last.

Wide range of color temperature options (warm, cool, or neutral)

The best microgreen grow lights offer a wide range of color temperature options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. This way, you can adjust the light intensity and spectrum to optimize growth or brightness.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Look for a microgreen grow light that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. That way, you will be able to easily move it around as needed.

Best Microgreen Grow Light

Mosthink LED Plant Grow Light Strips

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Mosthink LED Plant Grow Light Strips are the perfect solution for growers who want to create a microgreen environment that is tailored to their plants’ needs.

With full spectrum light across all wavelengths, this growth light helps accelerate photosynthesis and brings your dark indoor plants back to life. The auto-timer function allows you to set when it turns on or off every day, and with 10 adjustable brightness levels, you can tailor every stage of your plant’s growth cycle exactly as needed.

You can easily install these lights on walls or shelves with the included screws, zip ties, and double-sided tape. Plus, with an extra long 78-inch power cord, these lights are ready for any office setting or greenhouse environment where reliable lighting is key!

White Full Spectrum LED Lamp Plant Light Strips for Indoor Plant Growing

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The White Full Spectrum LED Lamp Plant Light Strips for Indoor Plant Growing is the perfect solution to help your plants reach their full potential. Featuring SHORT or LONG LIGHTS CHANGEABLE via multiple connectors, this plant light can be customized up to 8 times 1.4 feet for even larger spaces.

The 5000k sun-white interior emits the full spectrum between 380-800nm with 45 white bulbs and 6 red bulbs that act as a professional sunlight replacement for indoor plants.

The V-SHAPED shell of the T5 house plant light also provides efficient heat dissipation, ensuring a long product life and keeping your eyes comfortable while working on your microgreen grow shelf wall gardens.

With maximum PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) available, you can be sure that your plants are growing optimally with these lamps!

Barrina Plant Light, 144W(6 x 24W, 800W Equivalent), 2ft T8, Super Bright

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The Barrina Plant Light offers a full-spectrum, high-performance solution for microgreen grow light requirements. It provides 144W of energy with 576 LEDs, making it equivalent to an 800W general plant light while consuming significantly less power and providing more efficient lighting.

With its optimized ratio of absorbable light waves, your plants can obtain the most out of the LEDS provided. Plus, with its 100% aluminum shell material, you’ll get superior heat dissipation that ensures a longer service life for your chips compared to other models.

Installation is easy too: all necessary equipment such as tape or clips come included so you can set up your wall shelf in minutes – and if needed even connect up to 12 lights at once! Make sure your plants always get what they need with the Barrina Plant Light!

High Output Plant Grow Light Strip

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The Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light Strip is the perfect choice for any microgreen grower. Featuring a “V-shaped” housing design with two rows of full spectrum LED chips, it provides plenty of light for your microgreens to thrive.

With 24w for each light, you can install multiple lights in the same space to get maximum PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density). Furthermore, its efficient heat dissipation helps ensure a longer service life and quality performance.

This grows light also features a 2900K color temperature which gives off an inviting, comfortable ambiance in your growing environment. Whether you’re using it with a wall shelf or just on its own, this growth light has all the requirements necessary for optimal microgreen growth.

T8 Integrated Growing Lamp Fixture

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The T8 Integrated Growing Lamp Fixture is an effective and efficient solution for your growing needs. With over 768 LEDS consuming only 168W, it provides brilliant light energy that can be absorbed by plants with 95% efficiency.

Its shell is made of 100% aluminum while the reflector increases light efficiency up to 17-20%. The easy installation process includes double-sided tape, clips, and cable ties so you can install the lamp quickly in minutes. You can also link up to 6 lights in a series, saving you time and money.

Additionally, this full spectrum grow light has a warm white color temperature which makes it ideal for any indoor application like microgreen grows lights on wall shelves or plant tents–making sure that your eyes are comfortable too!

High PPFD Value Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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The Kihung 2ft LED Grow Light is the perfect solution for anyone growing microgreens indoors. The full-spectrum light from 400nm to 800nm provides your plants with optimal lighting at each stage of their growth, while its high PPFD value ensures maximum intensity and effectiveness.

The V-shaped reflector helps increase the light efficiency by 17-20%, creating more concentrated beams to help you achieve better results. Additionally, it comes with easy mounting options, allowing you to hang up the lights using provided zip ties or ceiling clips that are included in the kit.

You can even connect up to 8 lights together seamlessly with connectors or connector cables if you need larger area lighting coverage! Get ready for a lush and luxuriant harvest – this grow light has all the features needed for successful indoor microgreen production.

Types Of Microgreen Grow Light

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent bulbs are becoming rare as the world is shifting to LED lights. This is mainly because incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy, generate much heat, burn out fast, and have a less-than-optimal spectral wavelength for plants. It is best to stop considering them.

Metal Vapor Lights

Metal vapor lights are used in commercial growing as they ionize gases to produce different colors and have great spectral wavelengths for plant growth. While they are powerful, they are expensive to buy and operate and can burn pretty hot. For this reason, they are not recommended for home microgreen growers.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights used to be popular among gardeners and microgreen growers, but now most of them are shifting to LED lights. However, some growers still believe that fluorescent lighting is better. Even though fluorescent bulbs are more cost-effective compared to incandescent and metal vapor lights, there are some downsides.

They are fragile due to their thin glass and contain heavy metals, which means they must be disposed of carefully. There are two main disadvantages: the brightness of the lights fades over time and the ballast that powers them can interfere with electrical devices.

LED Replacement Bulbs For Fluorescent Lights

You can modify your older fluorescent shop light to accommodate LED bulbs with some simple steps. Active Grow offers horticultural replacement bulbs and provides a video guide on removing the ballast and rewiring the light fixture.

Common Questions About Microgreen Grow Light

Do microgreens need an actual grow light?

Microgreens need light to grow through photosynthesis. You can use both natural sunlight and artificial growing lights, but it’s important to choose the right type of light to ensure healthy growth.

What kind of light is best for microgreens?

LED lights are suitable for growing microgreens. They are a preferred option for indoor gardening and hydroponics as they are energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and can generate specific light wavelengths that are crucial for plant growth.

How many hours of LED light do microgreens need?

For microgreens to grow their best, they need 12 to 16 hours of LED light per day, with the exact amount varying based on the type of microgreen and the strength of the LED light.

It’s crucial to give them a steady source of light and to modify the distance between the grow light and the microgreens as required, so they don’t get damaged or grow improperly.

What is the difference between T5 and T8 grow lights microgreens?

  • T5 and T8 grow lights differ in their diameter. T5 tubes have a thinner diameter of 5/8 inch, while T8 tubes have a diameter of 1 inch.
  • T5 grow lights are better for growing microgreens than T8 grow lights. This is because T5 tubes produce more lumens per watt, making them brighter and more energy-efficient. T5 lights help the plants grow faster and healthier, resulting in higher yields.
  • T5 grow lights are more costly than T8 grow lights, but they have a longer lifespan and require less upkeep. When growing microgreens under fluorescent lights, it’s generally agreed that T5 grow lights are the better choice.

Video Microgreen Lighting: Fluorescent vs LED’s – On The Grow

Are you looking to grow microgreens at home? In this video, you’ll hear about the importance of having quality grow lights for your microgreens and provide an overview of the requirements for choosing the right microgreen light.

Final Thoughts

Growing microgreens with a proper grow light is essential for success. With the right requirements and set-up, you can have your own wall shelf of lush, healthy microgreens in no time. We hope this article has been helpful in giving you an overview of what to look out for when selecting a microgreen grow light that suits your needs and budget. Now it’s up to you to pick the best option available based on our recommendations for the best microgreen grow light and get started growing your very own greens! Happy gardening!


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Meet Oliver Greenfield, a passionate microgreen enthusiast, with years of experience in growing and nurturing microgreens. He shares valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help you cultivate your own thriving microgreen garden. Dive in and learn from his hands-on expertise.
Photo of author
Meet Oliver Greenfield, a passionate microgreen enthusiast, with years of experience in growing and nurturing microgreens. He shares valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help you cultivate your own thriving microgreen garden. Dive in and learn from his hands-on expertise.